We take deadlines seriously


5 Hints for Shorter Turn Times

The appraisal profession is evolving constantly. We know that time is important to everybody, so we've listed a couple of things you can do to decrease turn times each time you order an appraisal with Perry & Associates, Inc:

  1. Are you ordering appraisals online? With online ordering, you receive automatic e-mail acknowledgements that the assignment was received, and fast, secure PDF format report delivery. It's the single biggest time saver available to both of us! No longer do we have to manually enter information from a fax, and nor will you wonder whether we received the request.
  2. Complete and accurate subject property information is crucial. If you have a tax parcel number, plat map number, subdivision name or anything else that uniquely identifies the property, please pass it along.
  3. Feel free to call us at 317-514-6510 if you have any questions about your property or a job we're working on for you.

  4. Be sure to tell us about the unique details of this property. Most of an appraiser's time is spent analyzing how unique characteristics add to or detract from what otherwise would be a property's market value. When ordering your report, let us know if there are unique features of the property or surrounding area.
  5. Be sure the owners know the plan. They can even call us if they want to become familiar with our staff and services.
  7. Use our website to verify your report's status. Our website offers up-to-the-minute status updates available online, anytime, 24/7? As we complete each important milestone in an assignment, that information is available instantly to you online. There's no faster way to keep track of the status of your report.